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We Are St. Francis by the Sea

We at St. Francis believe that in order to fulfill our mission, we must be dedicated to the spiritual, physical and, social well being of ourselves and our neighbors. We are called to love, care for, and reach out to others with the knowledge and conviction that the church exists for all of God’s people.  We do this through fellowship, service, worship, ministry and ongoing spiritual growth through the Episcopal tradition.

The North Penobscot Methodist Church, the second oldest church building on the peninsula was purchased and moved in 1990 to its current site and became St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church.

A Brief History 

In 1975, eight Episcopalians met in Blue Hill for a celebration of the Eucharist with local resident, The Rev. Kenneth Anthony.  Shortly there after St. Francis became a recognized preaching station of the Diocese of Maine.


Over the next 15 years, the congregation grew. In 1989, the congregation faced the need for more pastoral care and space. In December of that year, it purchased the old North Penobscot Methodist Church.


A year later, the old church was moved to its present location in Blue Hill in Downeast Maine. St. Francis celebrated its first Eucharist in its new home on the feast of Pentecost in 1991. Renovations followed, and the building was consecrated on May 2, 1992.  In 1994 its first full-time vicar joined the active congregation.


St. Francis by the Sea continues to grow as a community dedicated to worship, service and fellowship.

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