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What is a pledge?

Pledging to St. Francis by the Sea is a promise to give.  It can be a regular weekly or monthly amount, or the promise of a total sum for the year.  A pledge is not a binding contract, it’s your statement of intent to give. 
Every pledge helps!  To make your Pledge, click on the circle above for a pledge card.

Why should I pledge?

Pledging helps the Finance Committee and the Vestry when creating the budget.  Knowing what people plan to give is a huge help in this process.   It also allows you to make an intentional decision about your yearly giving to the church.   Please note, neither your name nor your individual pledge amount is shared with the committees, only the total of all pledges.

How do I pledge?

Each fall, our stewardship committee, currently lead by Anne and Peter Gilchrist, will coordinate our annual giving campaign.  Pledges can be made during that time by completing a pledge card.  You can also make a pledge by contacting the Church Office or Treasurer any time of the year.

How can I pay my pledge?

You can make your payments when it’s most convenient to you – weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or at any time that works with your budget.   Payments can be cash, checks, stock donations, by making one time or recurring online gifts with credit/debit cards or PayPal.

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