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St. Francis is committed to life-long learning through prayer and study.

We realize the importance of having time and space to listen, learn, discern, and discuss in a community setting. We are all learning together, and we are always learning from one another. 

  • Adult Forum — Sundays after coffee hour, we gather to share and discuss various spiritual and community topics. (Beginning January 28, 2024!  All are welcome!)

  • Wednesday Seekers — is our book club that is free to attend and open to the community at large. Participants purchase the book and gather together to read and discuss.
    Currently we are
    reading John Phillip Newell's
    The Rebirthing of God. This book session will run through March 20th, 2024.

  • Children’s Sunday School -- The Episcopal curriculum provides Christian education and activities based on the Bible and our Church’s traditions.  (We have not yet returned to having Sunday School at this time.) 

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